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You can experience the best of what downtown has to offer by exploring our Insider's Guide to Downtown Lewisburg. Whether you're here for a day, a weekend, or a lifetime, dive into our helpful itineraries, fun personality quizzes, top spots to eat and hang, and so much more.

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Your Summer Guide to Downtown Lewisburg

It’s no secret that the past year was less than ideal. With over 12 months of restrictions in place to help everyone keep safe and healthy, we are starting to see those restrictions lifted so we can get back in the swing of things. Summer 2021 is kicking off in downtown Lewisburg and we have…


Sunday Morning in Lewisburg: A Hike and Brunch

Sometimes the best way to enjoy Lewisburg is to get off the main drag and explore our rolling mountains and streams. Our landscape, after all, is at the heart of what makes Lewisburg such a magical place. If we were asked our favorite way to spend a Sunday (we are asked that frequently), our resounding…